What's the difference between "Listed" and "Unlisted"?


I just made my first game public a few weeks ago, and a couple days after I released it, I noticed something. On my “Games” page, there’s usually a list of all of my games that includes the title, start place, and the social standings (public or private) of each game. However, I noticed that under the social standings (public or private), there was also a similar toggle option for the game to be “Listed” or “Unlisted”.

Here is the toggle switch; it works the same way as the social standings toggle switch:


I’ve never noticed this before until recently, and it’s kind of confusing. Could someone explain to me what the difference is, and how the option is used? I have searched this question up in the DevForum and the Internet countless times but, no luck.

Thanks for reading!


I believe listed is so people can go to it and unlisted means that only people with the link can go to it.

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This means that if it says “Listed”; it’ll show up in your Creations tab.

If it says “Unlisted”; then it means it is not listed in your Creations tab.

You can find this tab on your Profile.


Bumping this topic as the listing/unlisting feature is not responding for me
Is it happening for everyone?

I put one of my games public, and then unlisted them from the develop page

The game is still showing up on my creations page.
Is this a bug?

Try making it private? It’s probably still displaying as you have it public as of now.

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