What's the easiest way to solve my HTTP rounding error issue?

I have a table of numbers. When I print them out they return things like 0.832, 0.03, 0.324, etc…

But when I run them through HTTP encode they come out like this.

I was wondering what’s the easiest solution to fix this? Currently I’m just thinking of multiplying the value by 1000 before export then dividing by 1000 after export.


Your current solution is the way that I would do it. And I think that’s the only way.

Multiply by *1000 and store them as integers, then divide them by 1000 upon loading if you want to preserve only 3 decimals. Right now you store and load them as floats so you get float values (with potentially a lot of decimal values). You won’t have that issue with integers since they are explicitly stored as integers.


That’s what I just suggested though. I appreciate the help but I’m trying to find alternatives.

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You could try converting the actual bytes of the float to chars. I’m not sure exactly what that algorithm would entail right now because I honestly should be sleeping, but that is an idea.

That, or you could try string.formatting all the numbers yourself and putting them in a mirrored object called something like “requestModel” which would just have strings in place of floats.