What's the issue with my table here?

Side note: why does pasting code add spaces between every line?

I get this error: "Players.matt1020304050.PlayerGui.PartyUpUI.LocalScript:64: attempt to perform arithmetic (mul) on table and number - Client - LocalScript:64"

Basically it errors when trying to call the first function.

function recalibratePlayerList(show)

local mainPartyFrame = main:WaitForChild("PartyList"):WaitForChild("MainPartyFrame")

local inviteButtons = {

invite1 = mainPartyFrame:WaitForChild("InviteButton1"),

invite2 = mainPartyFrame:WaitForChild("InviteButton2"),

invite3 = mainPartyFrame:WaitForChild("InviteButton3")



-- invite button 1




-- invite button 2




-- invite button 3



I’m afraid I can’t really help you here because you’ve omitted the faulty code. Would you be able to provide all of the code?

Its annoying I know, I paste the code into a notepad like “Notepad++” first, then copy it again from there, and paste it here, and it gets fixed

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Please include the full script including the fault line (64).

By the error alone, it sounds like you’re trying to apply the multiply operator against a table, which would be incorrect:
local tab = {0,1,2,3} * 3

So whatever you’re doing on that line, look at it and see if you’re doing any multiplication on it.

If on the other hand you have resolved this issue yourself, please state what mistake you made in a reply, how you fixed it and mark it as the solution, so that others can learn from this type of error in the future.

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Issue was in the function turns out, I thought it was something to due with calling the functions inside a table. Or like hooking their events up. But turns out it was actually the function that errored. I didn’t notice.


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