What's the most efficient way to use universes when the only difference between places are scripts?

I’m planning to use universes for a game but I’m not sure how I should go about it. Every place in the universe is identical except for the map.

I was thinking about using packages but I’m not sure since I’ll have two versions of the game (developmental and live). SO I don’t know how that would work (how would I update all places in my live game when I’m deving in a whole different game?)

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Keeping everything on a single place makes it easier to update. This is how I do my game and changed from using universes to just the main game. I load map models based on reserved server’s privateserverid. The challenge here is keeping track of and creating new reserve servers.


I would do this if it was some sort of minigame type of game. In my case I want players to be able to go through a portal and essentially teleport to the next level; think Swordburst 2.