What's unappropiate in this image?

hi guys, I got a question, I got warned for this image…

The image;

How can I fix it to make it appropiate? I mean… it’s appropiate but idk…
This is the complete image;

I don’t put whole image because it looses quality so I split it up.


I think it’s the transparent stuff or text behind it that makes the bot think it is inappropriate.

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Just re-name and see if that works, or move something a couple pixels over. I’ve used these solutions before and they worked


ROBLOX does misinterpret designs a lot which is really annoying because I’ve dealt with it myself related to decals and designs. Make sure the text is readable and can’t be deemed as anything inappropriate in some way, ROBLOX usually reject the text that isn’t visible enough to read, or they could’ve detected something with the shape or something little. I would just say be careful with the text and just tweak little things to make it look a little different because I honestly don’t see the problem myself. I don’t think they’d ban or anything over something that minor so I wouldn’t worry too much. @stqrrydev also raised a good point also! :upside_down_face:

Edit: I just looked on what could be the problem with the text and I noticed that the text behind is meant to be ‘Race,’ which could be interpreted as a certain slur (it should be obvious) as only the R and E are clearly visible. I’d suggest changing the text or make it say ‘RACE’ more noticeable!


Nonono, the censored only this;

I’ve read somewhere that unreadable text might cause your image to get moderated, maybe that’s the cause?

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It’s most likely the unreadable text.

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Due to the unreadable text, I guess ROBLOX as thinking it was hiding something inappropriate. My solution is to make a few tweaks with the image or just made the text more readable so ROBLOX doesn’t think it’s something inappropriate.

It’s probably just a mistake, you can appeal.