Whats wrong? :o

is it still working? :dizzy_face:

Yes, warning is still working. If it doesn’t say “This item has been deprecated”, then it is still there as a feature.


Is it better to use assert or warn? :thinking:


Ignore that message, it doesn’t really mean anything. Warn will always work for you, period.

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warn() is basically Roblox’ print() except yellow and counted as a warning. It will always work, but will take a bit of yielding.

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oh wow ive been banned
but uh warn its just like print but its yellow

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What do you mean “yielding”? warn() doesn’t yield by itself.

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I think it also takes an additional parameter?

I think either warn or error takes an additional parameter.

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These are two completely different functions. Assert evaluates whether something equals to nil/false, and errors accordingly using the optionally provided string.

This is useful to debug code prone to user-errors such as functions which require a set amount of parameters of specific types etc. You usually assert at the beginning of a function block.

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