What's wrong with my game

I know this is quite a broad question with potentially a lot of answers. But I want to know if my game is just not fun to other users, I think its a unique game with lots of potential, but no one seems to want to play it for longer than 5 minutes.

I want to know if I should continue pursing this game. I have stopped developing on it for about 2 months but put about 2 months working into it. I have not seen great stats and wondering what’s wrong with it, or if the game just sucks, or if the game is just too hard/complicated.

The objective of the game is to get the fastest times on single player Levels and get times on the leaderboards. Multiplayer you have to collect the most gems before the time runs out. You have the ability to shift, which allows you to move faster, you can go through white blocks while holding down phase. You can also pulse attack other players which pushes players back and gives you a jump boost.

I have added a feedback system, game analytics recently to try get to the bottom of weather to continue this project. But I get one word feedbacks from 1 in 1000 players. The analytics was set up today, hopefully this can help a little, but here are my current stats.

155 likes 79 dislikes. so 65% like rate. Not sure how bad this really is.
213 favs out of 7,100 visits this is about 1 in 33 users fav the game. I know this is a small data set but looking at front page games the fav rate is between 1 in 80~300. This suggests my fav rate is very high? which is promising.

Avg play time is 5 minutes, This is what concerns me most about my stats and why I think I need to make either a drastic change to the game, or give up.

Monetization, I have kept this cosmetic and don’t think it would take off without a lot of players on the game. So far this game has only made about 600 robux. with me inputting over 3500 robux in advertisement. Currently you can upgrade the styles of sprint (trail) and pulse (attack) colour. Any ideas how to improve this? as I don’t want the push the game with real money unless its profitable.

I have only really focused on console and my click through rate is now about 0.45% should I be aiming higher, any suggestions to make this higher?

Here are some images of the game:
Single player menu



Multiplayer end screen

Really look forward to some feedback.

Here is a link to the game


It seems to be the only sponsorship you did was on console. My advice is probably make sponsorship to PC, and Mobile as those devices are the two biggest devices on the platoform. For the game, can you tell us what it’s about?

Hi, really this game was focused at console. I will see how it does on PC but my CTR on PC is really bad (0.1% last time I tried), mobile needs some work on the buttons as I’m not happy with them. Added more of a section about the game to the post. Thank you for your feedback.