Whats Wrong With My Script?

Hi All,
i was working on a game with a freind! i was scripting a thing that when you walk onto a button it pulls up a GUI and then when i was testing it it REVISED my script and then processed to Kick me out of studio test mode! also my terrain editor comes up! heres what it says when i test in studio:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eiscok9ah8w

so can i have help with this!


Honestly, I’m not really sure what the problem is.
If roblox studio crashed, you can just open it again. If it doesn’t work try restarting your computer or reinstalling it.

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my partner says he is joining just fine!
im restarting studio
now Computer
and nothing!

Well I can’t join normally anymore though. If I play with 2 account on my pc I get disconnected.

oh well ok

If it’s fine, what’s the problem?

Please, show the full code. It seems rather you crashed because of lag, I would suppose that you used a while loop without any yield. Otherwise, I think you could’ve waited until the game fully loaded, instead of stopping it right away.

Something similar happened to me, but it was solo, and after that, I started the game and waited, and it did work.

Team Create might influence it as well, it’s not really unusual to see issues with it.

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i afk’ed for 10 minuites and it didnt even load i possibly think it crashed from lag because i never get the not reponding thing to pop up and now i do!

I ALWAYS get the not responding warning when I load the game, and it always loads correctly. Please, don’t complain.

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i wasn’t i was informing

I also get the not responding warning, but it litterally kicks us from the game saying Disconnected and then something with data.