What's wrong with my Sponsored advertisement?

Recently I have spent 3.5k robux trying to advertise my newest RPG game. I used sponsors because I’ve been told it’s better and it seems to be better. The issue I have however is that my ad did quite badly. My game, despite bidding 3.5k robux in, never surpassed more than 8 concurrent which looks quite bad.

I don’t know the issue for why my ad does so bad. If you know, please let me know. The ad is also not finished (it ends in 7 hours) but I can already tell it’s not that good.

Link to the game if you want to see the thumbnails or game itself: [NEW] Mystical World RPG - Roblox

I think the issue could be with the fact I am targetting ages 13-16 but I’m not sure about that.

The CTR is the problem, 0.031 is super low, maybe you have to change the icon or the title to seem more appealing.