What's wrong with the sound?

Hello there.
Now I have a heartbeat sound effect that is looped. When I add a pitch shift effect with the power of 0.5, sound changes and nearly explodes my headphones.
Here is a video; (earrape warning)

Anyone had the same problem?

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To my knowledge; a pitch shift effect is different than changing the sound’s pitch.
I assume you’re just trying to bring the pitch (and speed) of the sound down and not something else more complicated?

I was just testing the sound if it can be better with other sound effects, then got this earrape thing. I posted this because I wandered if there is a way I can fix this.


In that case, instead of adding a sound effect, go to the sound object’s properties and change PlaybackSpeed to your desired pitch. This will change the speed and pitch of the sound.

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my actual problem was to get a normal sound with a pitch shift, not a nuclear explosion with a pitch shift effect. Anyways thanks. Just realized it’s more complicated than I tought

As in, increasing the speed while keeping the same pitch?

yeah something like that. Increasing speed will affect the pitch. If I could lower the pitch normally I could get a faster heartbeat

I did some testing and research, and I found how you can change speed while keeping the same pitch.
However, I don’t have the formula for the calculation ratio between the variables.

To do this, we will be using two properties. The PlaybackSpeed in the sound object, and the Octave in a PitchShiftSoundEffect. These two numbers will give us results depending on the chart below:

X PlaybackSpeed Octave
0.5x 0.5 2
0.75x 0.75 1.333
1.25x 1.25 0.8
1.5x 1.5 0.667
2x 2 0.5

You can note the non-linear but symmetrical curve pattern with the chart which might help you find a formula, but hopefully that is what you’re looking for.



Resource: How To Change The Speed Of Audios Without Pitching! (Dummiez's Audio Visualizer) - YouTube

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LMAOOO that’s ACTUALLY kind of a funny sound