Whats you opinion on my new Cafe. (Dxrk Cafe)

Hello, I have been working on a game called Dxrk Cafe. Sadly enough my brother had a virus plugin. So we deleted the game. So we made a whole new build and I need help & feedback on the build.
Please give direct feedback I would really like to improve on the game!

Its suppose to be low polly. Also… It’s not done completely I just need suggestions and feedback on what I have so far


Improve the chairs, roof is a bit bland. Spacing between floor boards at the entrance is a bit large.

Thank you so much. This is my first post and yeah. Thx for constructive criticism.

Also another thing I recommend, dont have your name as Dxrk, if you want a peaceful community. Do not put x’s in the name of your games, i’ve had this mistake many times where my game is flooded by the stitch face wearers ( who are usually toxic)

So should I change it to Dark Cafe? Cause Dxrk Cafe goes well with my yt.

I liked your Café, but I could decorate the place more, change the font of your logo, put more things inside the store like table plants, sachets, TVs, maybe discreet paintings or posters, add aspects to the countertop like a box (where you put it money), other drinks, food, in addition to putting a toilet …


Okay thank you it really helped I see all the suggestions and it’s helping a lot already!

The legs of the chair look a bit weird. Add a little bit of transparency to the “Dxrk” text sign so it’ll be less bright.

Okay, thank you

I’m not exactly sure how I should fix it.

Some of them don’t reach the end of the chair. I thought there was something else was but I think that’s about it.

What style of chair was you going for? I could probably whip something up for you quickly. At no cost. Just out of generosity :slight_smile: I have 7 years experience with modelling.

Wow…That would be amazing! I would also like some tips with it!

Okay. Ill work on that it thank you for the info!

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I love the nice low poly feel to it but add some more decor to the furniture and add some stuff like posters to the wall to make it look even better, and also the build has such a low poly feel it makes the text feel somewhat out of place.

Good luck!

Add some plants and ceiling lights.

Like I’m not exactly sure what posters but I’ll look for some good images.

I do have ceiling lights, I’m not sure how to make it more noticable.

Some tips and advice would be. Always use reference. Even if you’re trying to create something unique. Using references to get the base shape and then changing it to fit what you want after is beneficial.

Also, I’m not 100% if you used an external modelling software or roblox to make the chairs. But my advice would be, switch to a modelling software. there’s so much more fluidity with the ability to not only alter the mesh itself, but to add those smaller details.

My next would be, take your time when modelling something. It doesn’t matter if it’s something real easy or not, as a beginner, it’s always crucial to take your time when you work on something.

Using Blender or some other modelling software will also help your issue with the docking outside of the cafe not being even, you could use a modifier in blender called array, which’ll help you get those perfect gaps in between and it’ll also be consistent, so no small then big gaps etc.

Alright thank you for the advice.

Not too sure about the brick design on a cafe. Personally I hate any sort of brick and this doesn’t seem especially fitting. It’s put together well, though.