What's your opinions on my game idea?

Hello I am iiZescah, I need some helpful feedback on my newest game idea!

Tell me what I should improve, if it’s good, or what I need to slightly change.

“Detective Notice!” DN is a detective free-roam game somewhat like Breaking Point on ROBLOX. We are expecting the game to release before December 2019, but it’s unlikely it will due to the complications we will have to face to make the game. Although, the game will be out. With the lack of developers still helping me, not naming names, I and Ace have decided to take on the game and develop it. If my other two developers step in and help, it’d be wonderful!

DC will be based around modern day, except with a twist. You’re going to be hunting a mystery man, but on your way fighting players, killing them to see which is the mystery man. Can you find him/her?! Well, I sure hope so. The game will randomly pick a detective and a mystery man who is still unknown personnel for the time being until we name the character. We expect the characters to have custom outfits, and a intermission. The game will be made will ROBLOX STUDIO’S Terrain Editor.

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Ok so basically, tl;dr; Murder Mystery, right? What’s the difference between DC and MM?

You can explore more, free-roam adventure, RPG styled.

Hmm! Sounds like a mix of Murder Island and Murder Mystery! Something I would definitely play later on!

I like your game idea will do good on Roblox! I think you should add a body guard for the mystery man. There could be a small chance that there will be a body guard in the round, like proxy in “Stop it, Slender.” There could be clues around the map that could hint towards a player. If the mystery man finds a clue they can cover it up. I also think that fighting in the game should be like when yandere fights a delinquent in “Yandere Simulator”(not the Roblox version), so it takes skill instead of the detective killing the mystery man with one click.