Wheels bounces on rails / Hinge constraints

Hello !

I have some troubles with my train using constraints. As you can see, the tender is bouncing on rails… And sometimes, it makes the train go off the rails. I still don’t know how to fix that… I had to change the model to massless, changes some properties such as friction and elasticity… But nothing seems to really work. I use a rope constraint to attach both tender / locomotive. It may come from there, but i’m clearly not sure about that. Here are my wheels ;

The rope, attached to two different parts that I set to cancollide so the tender doesn’t go straight into the locomotive…


Also, only 3 different parts are set on cancollide ;

The rear buffer, the “rope” part, and wheels (wheels are on preciseconvexposition, rails use the same physic system). Any help could be very useful ;

Here is what it does in game.

Thanks for reading and helping.

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