When a Developer won't talk to you about their broken game (Being ripped off)

So what do we do when a game is made and put out for the public to play, but the VIP pass is not working it takes your money but does not work in game. And when you send the dev a message. He won’t even look at it, he changes the name of the game and his name you message him on Twitter and still nothing he won’t read your tweets,You can’t post in bug section in less you have more clearance than a 5 star General. And if you are lucky enough to post in bug report they make it look like oh maybe it’s not the dev, But you are the problem. “Not sure if the thing you are trying to report is really against the rules?” Or you get this Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private, but if you are very lucky, and you pay $4.05 billion to buy Roblox Corporation you get to post about a bug if you have CSI Records NSA Records Secret Service Records RCMP Records NASA Records and 2 blood test finger and toe prints So I ask what do we the people do when we are being killed by hackers in game and now being ripped off by some 17-year-old dev that thinks its funny to steal money from the people Please and a Roblox moderator that tells me to block the hackers just wow WOW


Roblox has too many chiefs, not enough Indians