When a tool changes a leaderboard value, other players can't see it

I’m making a simulator type game. When the player uses an item the leaderboard stat changes, but other players can’t see it. How do I make it so that all players see the value when it is changed?

local db = false
local Tool = script.Parent
local player = Tool.Parent.Parent

local function onActivated()
	if not db then
		db = true
		db = true
		player.leaderstats.Drinks.Value = player.leaderstats.Drinks.Value + 1
		db = false

It seems like this problem is because you are changing values from the client. I suggest instead fire a remote event that changes the value on the server.

Im kinda new to scripting. How and what would I do to have it do that?

This is a fairly simple issue. I bet you would get it when you read about RemoteEvents. https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/class/RemoteEvent