When advertising a group, should I spend all my "advertising Robux" all in one ad, or in many different ads?


If I would like to advertise something and post an ad, which of the following scenerios would be more beneficial to me to get more clicks?

  • Spend all of my advertising funds on one single ad.
  • Spend all of my advertising funds split amongst several different ads.

Please tell me your suggestions on what I should do!

Thank you!

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Well, you should test different types of ads in a small group of people, friends, do a poll, etc. Then find the ones that do good and do A/B testing with smaller amounts of robux, then work up to which ones work the best and get the most return. You should never put all your eggs in one basket, especially without testing. There’s a lot more to marketing than just this.


As @steven4547466 pointed out, always test the ads. I would suggest using 2-5 ads - run the ads with the highest amount of interest. Think of it like a shotgun or birdshot - the more bullets you are firing, the more likely you are to land one.