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May 7th, 2020

The Future Of When Dust Settles

By, @EternalCanadianDev

Our First Blog

As the project dives deeper into development, I want to start planning for the future. That’s why, I decided to create this blog. To showcase all my thoughts and plans for the game’s future.

The Current When Dust Settles

Currently, we are still in development, working out our scripting and Animating. Basic things such as UI and Building is already finished. The Current Game includes some of the basic features in the game, such as:

  • A Weapons System
  • A Clothing System
  • A Level System
  • Basic UI Functions
  • Basic Builds
  • Fluent Animations
  • And Much More!

The Future Of When Dust Settles

I want to start planning ahead and discussing some things I would like to add into the game.

The Community

First things first, I want to build a community for this game. A Fun, Dedicated fan base. People that enjoy When Dust Settles games and support the games. Building a community is no easy task but I believe once its up and running, our games will increase in popularity over time, as more and more people decided to play and concurrent players continue to play.

The Game

In the game, I plan to keep our community active and engaged with constant updates! Weekly updates such as new guns, bug fixes and more will be added. We will also do special Holiday & Lore events to allow new players to gain free items and to keep everyone excited and playing.

We already plan to make the game mostly free-to-play. We plan to give out free guns and items just for playing. This encourages people to play more and gives incentive to playing, It also allows people to play around for hours without ever spending a dime!

The Economy

In When Dust Settles, we have a 1 Currency Economy. Players will use the currency to purchase items in the shop & event only items. Players will then be allowed to trade these items for other items or cash with other players. This will help the game build a strong economy.

In the game, there will be a Currency, level bonus, giving free to play users the ability to gain items and trade with others, all for free! There will also be purchasable currency. Purchasable items will not be able to be traded.

In the future, I plan to move to a double or triple currency economy where some currency’s will allow you to purchase certain weapons, and, some currency’s are worth more or less than the standard currency. This allows people to get diverse when trading and allows us to give out more things to free to play players. We will balance currency exclusive items and the amount of free items we give away so that the game can make money whilst entertaining the free-to-play player population.

The Premium Content

In When Dust Settles, a variety of game passes will be sold to allow users to gain special items that are grounded into the lore of the game, offering a easier and better quality role play experience.

In the game, I plan to introduce a Premium Membership, also called the “Sandstorm Membership” which gives access to personal servers (Not VIP servers), exclusive weapons, extra level bonus, faster leveling, exclusive & access to the “Create A Weapon Feature”. This allows them to submit weapon concepts and have them created into a personal, user specific item. Eventually, more and more features will be available to free to play users as the games grow in popularity.

Wrapping Things Up

This has been the first blog for When Dust Settles, tune in for more content here. Also, stay safe, wash your hands and stay happy!

Ill see you in the wasteland…