When FilteringEnabled, DialogueChoice only works once

Reposted from last forum since it didn’t get transferred over:

"Normally, DialogueChoices should constantly reappear for players to click on and prompt Dialogue.
However, when playing online on Roblox with FilteringEnabled turned on; if you click on a DialogueChoice, it will only work once. Once you cancel, complete a prompt, or simply walk away, the bubble prompt goes away and never comes back even after reset.
This bug will only occur when FilteringEnabled is turned on and will occur 100% of the time when it is on.

Strangely enough, DialogueChoice works perfectly fine in RobloxStudio."

On the last thread, theGamer101 replied to it and said he’ll fix it.

I’d like to follow up on this, has this bug been fixed yet? I don’t see it working in the latest update.

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