When I clone a npc with scripts in it the scripts won't run

I’m trying to clone an npc from replicated storage but when it gets cloned none of the scripts inside it work. If the npc was in the workspace to begin with the scripts work perfectly fine. I have tried cloning the scripts and the npc separately, disabling and enabling scripts, etc.

Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Are cloning from local script or regular?

I am cloning from local. Why is there a problem with that?

Maybe. Does the clone have to be made from a local script or can you just throw it in a regular script?

Its on a gui button press so it has to be triggered from local script but I could use remote events and things to allow it to be created in a normal script.

Yeah try using a remote event also move the clone to the server storage.

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Use a normal script, local scripts are only for YOUR client, nobody else will see the cloned NPC.
With other words, normal scripts won’t work then too, including movement and other humanoid actions.
Use a remote event to make it thru a normal script / server script.