When I equip my torch my player flies away

Hi there! I want to make a torch system but I have a problem when I equip my torch.
My player flies away and for 10 minutes, i can’t solve.

My System:

local chr = script.Parent
local rh = chr.RightHand
function equipTorch()
	local obj = game.ServerStorage.Torch:Clone()
	obj.Main.TorchWeld.Part0 = rh
	obj.Name = "Obj"
	obj.Parent = rh

Turn your parts massless. Very important to make sure your tool doesn’t affect the center of mass.

It works but there are parts that are not in the main part

Maybe it’s not completely welded together. Check that first. There are in total of 5 different parts in the assembly.

I checked everything everything is in weld with main part