When in first person the player dosent fade or turn with the camera, how to fix it?

so basically im making a game and i thinked if the camera moved with the head it would be cool so i added it but the player dosent turn or fade here’s the screen bcs i cant upload videos

i dont get any error btw so i dont know how to fix it

local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

local character = script.Parent
local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")
local head = character:WaitForChild("Head")

	camera.CameraSubject = head

here is in the explorer


Hey, when crouching you could just do
Humanoid.CameraOffset = Vector3.new(0,-4,0)
And when not crouching do
Humanoid.CameraOffset = Vector3.new()

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yeah that works, but there isnt like a smoother camera moving?? because its too snappy, anyway thanks!

you can tween the camera from the current position to the wanted goal position for a smoother transition in between

oh yeah, i forgot abot tweens lol