When making humanoid models

I’m making a humanoid model, intended to be animated. I’m adding parts onto the body parts for extra detail. Would it be best to just weld them to the body part, or should I make the entire thing a union to simplify things? Or will this have drawbacks? (Apart from the material being forced to be the same- speaking of, is there a way to avoid that? bonus question)


Unions usually aren’t a solution in future process like meshes.

It’d be better to get the hang of the harder methods, which are also easy methods.
I’d usually just weld everything together, like a huge weapon and then weld it to the hand and afterwards animate it.

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What exactly do you mean by future process?

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In the future when you’re going to work with objects like Meshes, they cannot be merged as one(logically it is possible but too much work required) and you’ll have trouble of understanding how to do it right.

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