When Should Audio Be Implemented?

When should audio be implemented? Should it be during the main game development or after the game is completed? I haven’t done any implementation for audio and am planning to do it all at the end. My idea of implementing all at the end is that I will make changes throughout the development and I don’t want to go back and make changes. Is this a bad idea?

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After this is because It seems like people change there ideas a litle bit and the music they made before may not fit what they have when they finish.

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Well I mean if your funds are big you could start immediately uploading sounds in the other hand if the game is still not finished cause you might be able go get the best idea for the game and the sounds will be ready to upload

I’m a Cheapy McCheaperson, and I’d agree with @BaggyChris about waiting a little before implementing audio. Unless you more or less know exactly what your game sounds and looks like in your head, and you’re certain it will remain so throughout all of development, I’d say wait until you’re sure what you want the music / sound effects to be like.

That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to insert some placeholder music and sounds in the meantime. A completely silent game with otherwise complete game mechanics would feel odd.

Hope this helped!