When will Roblox Premium be released?

Hello, since Roblox has revealed that Premium will be released, which will replace Builders Club, I have a few questions to ask.

First Question: When will Premium roll out to everyone around the world?
Second Question: Will we have to buy Premium in order to buy items? In the Premium snapshot that was seen by the public, it says that you will be able to sell, trade and buy items from the catalog. This is very vague and I and many other members of the Roblox community are quite worried about what this means, I just want this cleared up.
Third Question: Will we still be able to join more than 5 groups with certain levels of Premium? Example: Free: 5 Groups; Level 1: 10 groups.

Anyway, these are all the questions I wanted to ask. If anyone can answer any of these questions, iā€™d greatly appreciate it!


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