When you make npcs do humanoids take up performance?

Just curious to know if the parts as well as the humanoid take up a lot of performance for the game. I already know parts do, so that’s out of the question.


I believe they do not. You may or may not know that each player in every game has a humanoid inside them, and games with many players run fine as long as you aren’t using a very bad computer.

Yeah but if they didn’t, then wouldn’t there be no max capacity for players? Because it’s not like the humanoids use up anything right? And the parts from the player’s humanoids don’t use up any performance from what I was told.

I know that many developers don’t use humanoids because they are fiddley and require hacky workarounds for a lot of things, but as to whether or not they have to script their own player limits or whether their systems are less expensive, I don’t know.
I’m guessing that the max capacity doesn’t involve humanoids because every player is a player, not a humanoid. They are a player, but they’re not a humanoid. Most of the time they have humanoids, but it probably counts the amount of clients connecting to the server as opposed to the humanoids being spawned in.

There is a max capacity for players because players have parts, animation scripts, etc. Let’s say a game gets around 1-2k online players per day, that means 1 server full of 1000 players each with 15 parts and many scripts and sounds at once.

Yes they do, humanoids are known to be incredibly laggy and a mess overall. This is why some popular roblox games create their own humanoids and roblox’s humanoids are horrible and the biggest bottle-neck for 700 player games.