Whenever I run PaintRigv3 blender stops working

So I just downloaded RigBuilderV3 from multiple sources and it seem to be the same file. However when I try to open the file, blender goes into “shock”, it stops being responsive and its CPU and RAM usage drops. I waited for about 15-30 mins and it seems that blender just dropped dead from that 802 kb file. Typical blender…anyways I am just wandering if anyone encountered such issue and found a solution. So if not, my only option is to go through reinstalling blender and wandering blender internet forums seeking meds for my sick blender… >_>
Blender version is 3.10 and blender works fine with opening other files and works normally, but the problem seem to be with that blender file in particular.

I’ve had this on many files, infact almost every file i open to blender in the explorer fails to open, I open blender normally and then open it from there! Not sure if this is the case for you tho :frowning:.

Ye I tried that and it still fails, may I ask what kind of rig posing tool do you use when doing gfx? All videos seem to be outdated and incompatible with the new blender version.

I use RigBuilderV3 whenever I do gfx, I have no problems when I do open it that way, When you open it does your command prompt comeup?

Yes it does. I just installed blender 2.8 instead of 3.1 and it did work…seems like RigBuilderV3 can have issues with blender version 3.1. Thanks for your replies.

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