Where are my places?

where’d my active places go?

You have to add them to your profile

Thats just plain stupid.

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Probably related:

It’s annoying to do, but it’s a lot nicer than having a bunch of unfinished games being displayed on my profile.

Mind putting up a blog post or something so others on ROBLOX will know and not freak out?
Thx 4 killing my visits.

I’m pretty sure having random places displayed on your profile is a bug and not intended behavior (or you clicked “Add to profile” on those places without knowing what it did and forgot about it). If you want all of your places to be displayed, remove the ones that are up there currently and when there are 0 up there all of them will be displayed. Apparently there’s a bug with that too though, but it’s a bug nonetheless. There’s nothing wrong with the intended behavior of the feature.