Where can i find developers who want to collaborate with my plugin?

Hello! i’m creating a new plugin that called Addons.
what this plugin does is like a simple way to install scripts.

The problem:

that i want to add a way to install useful scripts of other people as a addon directly from my plugin.
so, i want to collaborate with developers that creating useful scripts to make it possible to install it with only one button inside studio.

but i dont know where i can find developers that want to collaborate.

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that sounds like a useful plugin! it depends if its going to be free or not…

If its a paid plugin you could hire developers to write scripts for you

if its free, you could go to the #resources:community-resources tab, find usefull scripts, and ask the creators if you could add them to your plugin! Same devs on youtube, discord, and twitter. You could even ask an AI to generate some for you.