Where can I find footstep sounds?

Where can I find footstep sounds? I need them for a project. I’ve looked through freesound.org, designingsound.org, soundrangers.com, sounddogs.com, opengameart.org, soundsnap.com, mixkit.co, fesliyanstudios.com, construct.net. But some of these websites do have footstep sounds but not the ones I’m looking for.

Also if this is not understandable I’m sorry for my English.

Try searching in youtube for copyright free ones

I did but I can’t find anything.

Maybe look in the roblox toolbox or use the ACS footsteps one. ACS has some good ones.

I want to use math.random() for the footstep sounds.

I know of a great place to get footstep audios. This sound pack has footstep audios for every material.

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