Where can I find realistic textures/materials on ROBLOX?

Hello DevForum! I have a question, where can I find realistic textures/materials on the ROBLOX website? Please help!

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I am talking about realistic textures on ROBLOX.

I’d recommend importing them off of another website rather than the ROBLOX site itself. Most of the textures that are publicly listed on the site aren’t very reliable and up to standard. Textures listed on other websites that can be imported into studio can provide much higher quality and results.

Do you know how I can export them to ROBLOX Studio. Sorry this sounds very newish, I just never really done much with exporting and importing textures into ROBLOX Studio.

Don’t feel like writing too much right now but this tutorial pretty much sums it all up: How to use MATERIAL SERVICE (PBR) | Roblox Studio Realism - YouTube

Let me know if you have any questions that aren’t answered in the video.

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