Where can I find the new built-in material variants images?

Does anyone know where to find the textures of the new built-in Materials to download? I’ve been looking for the textures of the new Materials Roblox added (Specifically the new wooden planks material). But I can’t find it. I’ve tried searching the games files but could only find the textures of the original materials. I also searched the library but couldn’t find them.

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You can find and dowload some materials here, and after dowloading some materials, you need to upload them to roblox, if you dont know how, you can check here.


Thank you, but I am looking specifically for the new Roblox materials, found here. Sorry, I had an absolute brain fart while making this post and put “UGC Materials” instead of the new built-in materials.

Do you mean you want the new 2022 roblox textures? If so you just go to MaterialService and turn this setting on


No, I already have the new 2022 textures enabled. What I want is to find the actual source images to download. I want to edit the new 2022 textures in a different application.

Initially I followed the steps here given by @nooneisback. But, I could only find the images of the original Roblox materials within the files, not the new 2022 additions.