Where can I hire people to make good CTR ads? Or how do I achieve this?

Hello, my apologies if this is in the wrong category. I’ve been trying to achieve a 2-3% click through rate on ads that I’m making and hiring other people to make. But, after making 6 ads and doing research on various other dev forum posts, I have only been able to achieve a CTR of 1.13%. Does anyone know where I can hire people to make good ctr ads or how I can improve my ads? I’ve tried hiring on Hidden Devs but most of the people there are GFX artists, they don’t specialize in ads nor do they show past CTR of their ads.

Here’s my game’s link if this is important: Tidal Towers 🌊 [UPDATE] - Roblox

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It’s not really a thing people offer as a service, a lot of people when making ads just look at trends and do tests with those and see which one is doing better. A GFX artists task is to just make whatever prompt a client gives them not to give CTR and data to the client when their not even the ones who run the ads themselves.

2-3 % CTR is kinda high isn’t it?

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I would suppose so, why do you ask