Where is best to store local scripts?

Hello. I have a part with the local script. Player_1 can see when touched but Player_2 can’t. I know I can’t store the script in part, so I tried the StarterGUI, didn’t work. I tried the StarterPlayerScripts, it works but delays. Waits a lot. Especially when I add more local script, it delays longer.

What should I do?
Thanks for reading

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Create a remoteevent. When you’re making something local it’s done locally (only on client, not server)

No problem isn’t this, it delays, I dont know where I should store the local scripts.

StarterPlayerScripts is where simple client scripts should go. Backpack and StarterGui work too but it isn’t the best place to put them (StarterPlayerScripts is exclusively for scripts and can help keep you more organized.)


maybe try in ReplicatedFirst?not sure tho but try it!

I would say put essential scripts like movement and things that you need immediately in ReplicatedFirst then stuff you don’t need right away in StarterPlayerScripts. Thats what I’ve always done.

I made it for a cannon. It fires to each player so I used a local script for no glitches. StarterPlayerScripts is a good place for it?

I made it for a cannon. It fires to each player so I used a local script for no glitches. ReplicatedFirst is a good place for it?

It’s basically load time, if they’re expected to fire the cannon right after they join then ReplicatedFirst would probably be good, but otherwise StarterPlayerScripts is probably better. ReplicatedFirst just loads in first before anything else while StarterPlayerScripts can take a bit.

Try referencing these:

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I’ll contiune to use StarterPlayerScript then. I thought many
local scripts in StarterPlayer would cause lags/bugs.

It shouldn’t cause anymore lag than putting them other places.

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I will use more local scripts like that. Nearly everything is local script in the project. Categorizing them with a folder won’t cause any error I think. Thanks for help.