Where is the StarterGear?

It’s just disappeared and my game needs it


Are you thinking of StarterPack? StarterGear is a container inserted into a Player when they join the game. Like StarterPack, the children are cloned and parented to the Player’s Backpack when they spawn. Unlike StarterPack, the descendants are player-specific.

Keep in mind that StarterGears exist only on the server and may require you to Instance:WaitForChild them, due to them being parented during run-time. They have not been removed.

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In order to access StarterGear, as said above by @Dandystan you’ll need to use WaitForChild as it is inserted when the player joins the game and isn’t always there instantly.

Here’s how you can access it: (Server-side)

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local ServerStorage = game:GetService("ServerStorage")
local ToolToGivePlayer = ServerStorage:WaitForChild("ToolName"):Clone()
    local StarterGear = Player:WaitForChild("StarterGear")
    ToolToGivePlayer.Parent = StarterGear

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Wouldn’t this just parent a single tool (the cloned instance) to different players repeatedly, as opposing to cloning it for each player?

The children of StarterGear are cloned every time they are parented to the Player’s Backpack.

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