Where should I begin to learn scripting?

hello!! as the title says i’m trying to get myself to learn scripting, but im conflicted on where to start. i thought of youtube, but some say that the developer hub is better, or even lua.org, which is roblox’s programming language.

i know that there’s no “best” place to begin learning as the definition is subjective, but i want opinions


Personally I learnt through video format, which I really enjoyed a lot, so when I thought the time was right. I begun to make small projects who isn’t too complicated for an amature. Doing my reseach did improve my knowledge greatly, and to be honest this is a journey where you gotta explorer what suit you the best as a learning method.


i say you should start watching scripting tutorials.
the developer hub is your best friend because that’s where you can ask for help from other developers.
you can even go to the toolbox and take out free models, review and understand the scripts inside

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Roblox creator hub, some video tutorials

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roblox documentation, code samples

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