Where to start when wanting characters to load into the game with my game character?

    How do I make avatars that loads into my game spawn with the character I would want 
    them to spawn in as (i.e: a block or a mouse). I was hoping someone could grant me 
    relevant links that could help me. This is a beginners project I am going to work on.
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It depends on how far you want to go. I actually made a tutorial about this a long time ago. Basically, there are a couple of ways.

If you intend to use the default Humanoid movement system. (Recommended if you are beginner) Follow these steps

  1. Create your character
    Usually you would have 15 Limbs(or six). You will need a head and a Torso (,or upper horse and lower torso) You will also need a “RootPart”. Usually this would be an invisible part as the RootPart of any Humanoid Character cannot be moved via animation (Think of it like your characters hitbox)

2 Group the character
Rig the character. There are plugins that do this for you. To rig a character you use Motor6D joints and connect the limbs together.
I’m some cases rigging can be done in blender if you want a deformable character. The use bones instead of Motor6D
Also name it StarterCharacter then parent it to the StarterPlayer Object. Make sure you set the Primary part of your grouped model to the RootPart.
3 Play
You may also want to insert a Humanoid into the character if you want to change it’s hip height depending on how far it is from the ground.

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