Where would I find particle textures for stuff?

Where in the world would I find textures like this
I am talking about the white water on top of the normal water

Ive moved this to building support, maybe game design was the wrong category

I’m slightly confused as to what you mean by “find textures”

Are you referring to finding similar textures to what is shown, or where to find the exact textures of the water you are referencing?

I’m pretty sure that “texture” is the sunlight.

Could be moonlight too.

I use this website to find my textures, maybe you could try.

Im referring to similar textures, I think there must be a texture website or something that has all of these textures for particles

No, its a texture that moves down the water

These textures are either found from an external source, or most likely drawn by someone.

You can probably look up a free model named “Particles”

I’ve never used those kits before but I’ve seen some good effects from them, you should check them out.