Which area is better for James Bond-like mission game?

I’m conflicted between which area to base my characters headquarters in, the game premise is you’re an agent for a secret programme run by MI6 and you’re set on various different missions around the headquarters (which I’m choosing to place in either of 2 areas)

Place 1 : City of London

This is for the most part ideal, it’s a busy area with lots of activity and the skyscrapers can add for some interested missions. There is also the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Countless Museums and the Bank of England which open huge opportunities for tasks to be assigned to.

Pictures of City of London places

Imagine abseiling down one of these skyscrapers to save a person of interest then getting airlifted off the top or something then u have some main character moment and parachute off it

Very cool building, imagine stopping a heist here or the whole place has been taken hostage and you need to infiltrate inside of it to get some people out

Maybe someone has stolen a jewel and you need to track them down in this area and neutralise them without gaining any attention or you’re sneaking inside the building to dispose of a corrupt. Theres just a lot which you could set this place up for

Place 2 : Westminster

More commonly known as where the queen lives and where big ben is. I’m not sure why I’m so attracted to this place (could just be my bias for wanting to build some really cool landmarks) It has the House of Parliament, Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and countless other very interesting places which hold potential for deeper more interesting tasks.

Pictures of Westminster places

This is just so cool, like imagine carrying out an assassination here the setting is just perfect for some mad cool cinematic stuff I love it

Again with this picture, I can just imagine a really cool mission in this area doing some spy stuff where you’re impersonating someone to get access to somewhere or something

Speaks for itself, there is so much potential here

Why is this even a big deal?

I want to make the player feel like they’re actually walking around one of these areas, same streets, same recognisable buildings and surrounding so they can properly get stuck into the missions and story I have planned, and I can’t do that If I’m placing skyscrapers from the main city area right next to Big Ben can I?

Another reason is that the place I choose hugely decides what missions can be carried out, because the aim I have here is to have it open world when you’re not doing missions assigned by headquarters (e.g. you go shopping, go out to eat, side missions). In the future I might change this but for now I just want 1 area that I’m not having to expand on - and it’s all just there ready for me to add more missions to.

The long-term goal is to have this area completed, have a decent amount of missions based around that area so the player can get a feel of the game and then I can begin introducing new locations in different countries.

Anyway I’m done blabbing on about this for now, choose a place and if you’re really cool then you’ll explain your choice in a reply

  • City of London
  • Westminster

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