Which biomes would you like to see more on roblox?

which biomes would you like to see in showcases (and not only) more often? (mostly temperate and arctic climates as i feel like people tend to ignore those).
Here’s the list,you can also pick more.
-steppe (huge grasslands)
-alpine tundra (low growing plants, cushion plants, rugged and rocky terrain)
-tundra-low growing vegetation, dwarf shrubs and maybe isolated patches of trees in lower latitudes,closer to the:
-taiga/boreal forest, quite similar to a temperate conifer forest,but with more mosses and lichens.
-temperate rainforest (e.g the west coast of the United States and Canada)
-cloud forest (moist,high altitude rainforests with lots of mosses,ferns and epiphytic plants)
-deciduous forest (for example: oak,beech,hornbeam,maple-like trees)
-forest-steppe (steppe areas with isolated forested patches)
-orchards (not a biome though,i know)
-mixed deciduous-coniferous forests
-temperate conifer forests (like the ones you’d expect to see in the mountains of the Northern Hemisphere,but also isolated spots in the Southern Hemisphere,basically your typical coniferous forest).
-subalpine meadows and forests (alpine and subalpine vegetation intermingled with stunted, krummholz trees).
-bogs/fens (peat moss,lots of berries and stunted trees, mostly pine trees if you picture an European bog, but there’s also blanket bogs, very common in the British Isles)
-marshes (lower altitude temperate swamps)
OR: give your own suggestions. I feel like the most common “biomes” on roblox do not really have many elements from their real counterparts. People call a bunch of identical trees a forest, for example. For a truly immersive game experience, i think that we should copy nature as accurately as we can. Many games ignore the environment completely, i feel like there should be a balance between the gameplay and the environment.


I’ve sort of been longing for a forest biome. Long since Minecraft was produced, trees really define the landscape and I think that this is lacking in Roblox. Sure, you can make your own trees, but you can make anything in Roblox. A good base tree-based biome would be a good edition for beginners.

Water biomes are pretty basic too so that would be interesting.


The only thing I would like to see is tree generation which has the same wind system as grass does.


Definitely alpine tundra, i love these types of biomes.

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Something similar to blender’s sapling generator would be great.

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alpine tundra has only been done right once on roblox i think in rogue lineage.
i’d definately want to see more of that biome in future.


I would love to see basically any of these biomes in roblox i wash roblox would make growing trees some time but i think i would like to see cloud forest of those but all biomes would be great if added to roblox!

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