Which Concorde paints do you like the most and why?

Hello, what livery/paint job do you like the most on the concorde and looking for improvements on the liveries.

(G-AXDN) Concorde Prototype

(Y-RREB) by @yrrebRBLX

(F-BVFF) Airfrance

(G-BOAC) British Airways - Landor

(G-BOAD / Contract Codeshare) British Airways - Negus / Singapore Airlines

Negus Livery (Rightside fuselage)

Singapore Airlines (Leftside fuselage)

(G-BOAE) British Airways - Union Flag


Seems like its poll time

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Second because, it has that shape i guess


I really like the “British Airways - Union Flag” however, it really depends on what vibe you’re going for. If you’re going for a more nostalgic 80s vibe I also really like the Concorde Prototype.

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