Which game of these do you think would be successful?

I have been working on Techy’s Tower of Hell for the past week and it would take me at least 2 more months to release. I was willing to advertise it once I release. But yesterday, my friend told me that Difficulty Chart obbies gets famous faster and I should make a Difficulty Chart Obby.

But I don’t want to leave a project which I worked on for a week. And I don’t know if the game will attract players after release.

Now I was wondering what should I do and I wanted some advice. What should I do now? Should I quit TToH project temporarily and work on a difficulty chart obby or…? You got any advice for me? Any help is appreciated!



In my opinion, you should finish the Tower of Hell game first, then you can do the Difficulty chart.


I would say continue to work on the ToH based game, my reason being it’s bad to start giving up on projects. If you start abandoning projects because another one looks more interesting, you get into the bad habit of starting a new project when you run into trouble on a different one.

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These genres are so similar you should be able to transfer some of the models from the ToH game to the difficulty chart. So why not make both and see which one does better?

I feel like you shouldn’t throw your project away just because you see another genre type of games get “famous faster”. If you’re already putting a lot of effort in your current see how it’ll run when it’s time to release it. You could have two projects try putting enough time in both of them.

It’s best to only continue on one project at a time, I feel like if you’re already putting hard work in your current project you’ll see if it’ll be successful or attractive players once it’s fully done and ready for release. If you haven’t worked hard or long enough on your game you won’t really know which will attract players to play your game. The game listed in the thread serves a purpose that’s probably a reason why it’s successful and gain players over time.

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Thanks @jordonh23, @RemadeAlternative, @ernakou nd @matiss112233 For your opinion. I really appreciate it. However, I have decided to keep my TToH project off for a few months. I might start working on it again in 2021. For now, I will be concentrating on my Difficulty Chart Obby.

I wish you good luck in your game!