Which is better to use in a rpg? OpenWorld, Semi-OpenWorld,or Linear?

This is more of a community opinion-based question. The point of this question is to see which is better to use in a game, however I will use this data for a rpg. Open World, Semi-Open World/Linear. Analyzing the majority, could help me make a desision.

A quick definition for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about.
Open World:
Open world games are…well…open world. The player can explore miles on end with tons of terrain to cover. Examples of this can be found in games like Anomic, The Wild West, Jailbreak, and etc.

A straight path for games to take, Their are no side-quest, just one focus. Their is usually one direction. Games that are simular to this are Anxiety, Nightmare in the Sewer, Tower of Hell, and etc.

Semi-Open World/Linear:
A mix between Open World and a Linear relationship in games. such as Vesteria, BubbleGum Simulator, and etc.

  • Open World
  • Linear Game
  • Semi-Open World/Linear

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Open World:


  • Possible to become rich in content
  • A player stays longer = a higher chance of them coming back (repeat players spend the most)
  • Doesn’t really get repetitive
  • Many monetization opportunities
  • Not much competition


  • Will take a long time to develop
  • If the map is too wide, the servers might be laggy
  • The target market must be really interested to invest a lot of time in the game



  • Development stage is way shorter
  • Content is easily added
  • Fits with the target market of Roblox
  • A popular genre


  • Competition is heavy
  • Might get repetitive
  • Shallow in content

Semi-Open World/Linear:


  • Rich in content
  • Popular with older audiences


  • Development time is long
  • Players might get bored between updates
  • Outside transactions might be evident (buying an item from a user for robux)
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Outside transactions might be evident (buying an item from a user for robux)

Yes, although this is against ToS if I am correct, developers can’t really do anything to stop this.
The only thing developers can do is disregard it, and ban people. The harder you are, the less there will be in the end. This doesn’t mean its hard work though.

Also this usually happens in most games, most notable would be Skyblock and Adopt Me.

Honestly, I wouldn’t really be harsh on real-life traders though since if someone spent something on a game, they would play that game more often so that it wouldn’t feel like a waste. Of course it’s up to the developer though.