Which is more perfomance?

Can I just set player health to 0 or use LoadCharacter? I need the better perfomance

My current script when the round finish it do LoadCharacter to all Players and I get some report from people it crash the game when it happens

Note: the server max is 80 players…

Set player health to 1. 0 = death.
Also why do you need such a high amount of player space?

LoadCharacter is fine since it would happen even if you set health to zero. So with that in mind, LoadCharacter is more performant, but not enough to make a difference. Crashing is the result of a bug, not an inefficiency.


Instead of using :LoadCharacter() at once, you could experimentally yield it - and see if it does a better performance without lag or crashes. You could:

  • use wait(s) after each player,
  • use Player.CharacterAppearanceLoaded OR Player.CharacterAdded with debounce (so it stops yielding after their character has been loaded).

After game finish I have to make all players reset

How do I put wait() while using for loop to loop through all players? and can you explain exactly the 2nd point cause I quite don’t get the point of making new script just to add debounce