Which one is more efficient way that controll Humanoid WalkSpeed or JumpPower

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    I want to controll player’s speed or jump by script.

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    I know serverside scripting to control walk speed works well also local side scripting works too.
    I want to which one is more efficient or prefer no to use.

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    Yep, I search the internet but there is no certain answer.

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-- This is an example Lua code block

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I’d say changing the walkspeed/jumppower from the server is better, just to be safe

There are no other issue except safe issue when control walk speed from the local ?

The only disadvantage is that if you do this on the client, the server can’t read from the client and exploiters could just set their walkspeed/jumppower really high, which the server never detects.

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Difference is that anything thats been changed on the client will not be replicated to the server, so no orher members can see ur walkspeed. Thats why its always important to change anything thats plr/humanoid related on the server.

U can use Remote Events to achieve that.

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it’s not really “unsafe” it’s more that you can’t read the walkspeed or jumppower with server scripts. Making it constantly set to a specific value with a client script would probably be more safe considering exploiters wouldn’t be able to change it

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