Which Roblox API would this be?

I have a real quick question about this game:

How the hell did he do it (What api did he use do you think?)
I’ve been thinking about this and looking at all the website api’s and I haven’t came to an answer.

Anyone know how he did it?


If I had to guess, they’re probably just constantly counting up and checking through the normal user APIs. If the user id exists, it shows it and knows to not use that ID or anything less than it again.


Thats actually exactly what they are doing. Roblox doesnt have any events you can hook on to so hes pretty much tracking the amount of players that exist on his server and going back over it every so often. Its not hard or spectacular.

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The script was released publicly about a year or so ago, I’ll try and post it later if I can. I too was confused about how the script worked and this put some insight into it.

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