Which software shall I use to create good ui with?

Hello, I am a developer who recently fell in love with ui designing. The sad part is which software shall I use? Adobe seems like it is the best option but a bit pricey, but I can still afford it. Pixlr seems nice too but very limited options compared to Adobe and not as well known or considered by designers. Which one shall I use?

My goal is to create:

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Codite uses Photoshop, as do I. It’s a good recommendation. If you’re not too sure you want to blow money on it, you can use getpaint.net!

Or gimp may be good alternative


You can also use the roblox feature cause they are cool but, you can use other Adobe products (The other 50).

Sketch, InDesign, XD, Framer, Figma, Lunacy, Axure RP, Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Roblox Studio, Origami. Those all are great apps, some are free, some are freemium, some are paid, some are mac-exclusive.

Affinity Designer, Illustrator Photoshop is paid but they offer free trial.

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Which one is this? Sorry for my question, but I’ve heard of the others.

Origami Studio – https://origami.design/