Which texture should I use?

I’m curious on what other people think. I’m also unsure if this is where I’m meant to post this, If not please tell me where this belongs.

I’m building a house and not sure what texture to use. The house is going to be medieval themed. Please reply with either ‘1’ ‘2’ or ‘3’, thanks.

(number 1 was made with decals.)

Depends what part of the medieval house you’re making. Do you mind giving more explanation?

And it depends on ur build style, the first texture is the most realistic

1 all the way of it’s a more realistic look you’re going for.

The bottom floor.

(30 charrrrr)

I would pick #1, but I would change that decal to a texture.

1 is like most good looking but it depends on your game.
2 could be used at the entrance of your house.

In that case, I would recommend texture number 3; you could probably use 2 for outdoor pathways. I’m excited to see how the finished product will turn out!

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I feel like number 1 but from experience number 2 has very limited color strength. Also maybe should add a poll. (Click gear icon then poll)

I fully forgot that that was a feature!

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I like option 2. 30 characters

i scrapped number 1, Which one do you think is better out of these 2?

I’m not a big fan of the 2nd one. I lowkey like the first one, though the desicion is yours. :sweat_smile:

Why not build the entire asset and switch between the textures? Just organize your Explorer window so the Parts with the texture are easy to search for, mass-select, and update.

And then you should show us pictures of all three for us to give feedback on.

Showing them out of context doesn’t give us a clear view of their purpose.