Which UI looks nicer?

Hello I am working on a start menu for my game. I made one, but felt like it was too simple and went for a different approach. I need help deciding which looks nicer. I am also open to any feedback. Thanks for reading this.

Initial UI:

New UI:

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The first one is more straightforward and doesn’t look complex. Since you probably don’t need to display that much information on the first page, I would go with the first.

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1st one 100%!

It got nice UI Designs, pictures of the icons & gives it more of visibility to players to know what to do.

Second one doesn’t show that much of detail, all there is, is just texts.

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Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks

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First one is much more direct, much larger, easier for mobile users and even for development. I’d also bargain that the lack of a topbar makes things look less cluttered, and is more visually appealing with the impression that there’s more space, despite the buttons being larger.

First one for sure.

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Yeah, I agree with that. I decided to make a new one because I felt that it was too similar to Arsenal’s UI.

I should probably add as well that the addition of icons for your UI will do more speaking than words ever can - especially for non-English speaking users. Everyone understands what a shopfront looks like, or a shopping cart, or a play button. The loadout icon could be better, but it gets the job done.

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Hey, so one of the games I am playing inspired me to change my whole start menu layout.

Here is a video of what I am talking about:

Do you think that a GUI would be better or this?

The short answer is that it really depends.

Do you want your users to get into your game quickly? Or do you want them to have to walk over to a shop? Small things like these impact players heavily.

Controls for mobile and controller users would be unintuitive with the odd camera angle, I could probably guarantee most users would initially walk directly into the corner at first before adjusting to walk straight.

Would the time and effort spent implementing the complexity that would be required to make a polished camera and limited lobby be worth it?

Ultimately, it’s your game, your idea - I think that making something like that would be really nice for users to look at and see first thing, but after awhile of dying in a game and needing to redeploy quickly, it’d get pretty tedious to have to walk over every time.

You still have to make some sort of UI to make up for deploying, your shop, and your loadout, regardless of the entire lobby. It’s a good idea, but would be bloating your workload.

Anyways, that sort of things is more related to #help-and-feedback:game-design-support, so the folks there I’m sure would be more than happy to discuss this kind of neat stuff with you in a lot more detail than I can.

The first one conveys information better - but there is something to consider:

Is the player going to be switching between the pages often? If so, a system should be added that lets the players easily switch between the pages (in the 2nd example, it’s obvious; just leave the top bar).

It’s up to you to figure out what works for your game.

In terms of graphics; the UI has this cool “angle” thing going on; I think it would be cool if this motif was continued in the buttons by making the buttons get “wider” such that they conform to the trapezoid shape of the menu background.

The buttons themselves - the fact that they have both icons and text is really good. However, I feel like the “bubble” shape doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the UI; the rest of the UI is sharp and crispy; IMO the button roundness doesn’t compliment it well, but this is up to the feel of your game.

Personally, I also believe it’s ideal to have all the button text be of the same size; maybe put spaces between letters to stretch out the “shop” text? I can’t really visualize how good this will look, to be honest.