Whimzer | UI Design & Building

Hey there! My name is Whimzer, a teenage developer. I specialize in UI, and I also do low-poly building. A few things you should know about me before you hire me: I have a very wacky schedule due to school and activities. I am a cross country runner so on some weekends I will have a race, and I also take all honors classes in high school so my workload is often unpredictable. I will always try to get your order done as quickly as possible, but there may be some delays.


UI Designs


Builds / Models


I have a very wacky schedule, mentioned above, but you can expect me to be online for 25 - 30 hours a week.

UI Commissions - 1k+ Per Component
Builds - 500+ for a model, 1k+ for a small build, 10k+ for a map.

Discord - Whimzer#4637
Twitter - @Whimzer1
You can also message me here.


I love this style. Best of luck! : )

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Added new examples, added build examples, and also made the portfolio itself more appealing.

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Nice builds and UI work, good luck finding commissions.

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Can definitely vouch for Whimzer.

Very trusty guy, and he is just overall an amazing person.

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What programs do you use for the UI design?

Iā€™m not exactly positive, I could ask him for you, but I know this stuff could probably be made on ROBLOX Studio, but if not that, then probably PhotoShop, etc.

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He just replied to me-

He said ROBLOX Studio and Gimp.