Whispering Can Break the Chat

Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2021-04-07 18:04:00 (+01:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2021-04-07 19:04:00 (+01:00)

Reproduction Steps:
Join any game using the Roblox chat, use the /w command to whisper to someone, send 1 message, and then try and send another. You won’t be able to send another without backspacing and re-typing the /w command.

Expected Behavior:
You should be able to send multiple whispers in succession without having to re-type the /w command or without chat breaking.

Actual Behavior:
One of two scenarios will happen:

  1. You will need to re-type the /w command in order to send a message, otherwise your message won’t be sent
  2. You will be unable to send messages as a whole, even outside of the whisper (I haven’t experienced this, but the person I was testing with did several times)

For scenario 1, you can backspace out and type the /w command.
There is no workaround for scenario 2 except rejoining.



Oooh, I was messaging my friend the other day and it did that. This also happens with /team.

EDIT: Look at this post, and there’s some more scattered around the devforum


Didn’t notice this, sorry, flagged this post for removal and replied with relevant info to the other thread :+1:


Managed to reproduce this engine bug and can confirm it’s still occurring. However, for my reproduction attempt, I discovered that this bug only happens to the first player you whisper. When whispering other players, I managed to whisper multiple messages without backspacing and the players and I could see the messages. Yet, after these successful whispers, the initial player I whispered still couldn’t receive my messages. This may be a connectivity issue because of the latest engine update or perhaps a display issue.


Thought this was just me. Nice to see that other people are having a similar if not the same problem.


Also, this issue seems to be occurring on all devices, as I have tested the whispering feature on both computer and mobile.


Yeah it’s happening to me too. I thought it was just me.
When I click a player name to private chat them it doesn’t send the message and I can’t chat for like 10 minutes.

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I can attest for this during gameplay in Jailbreak, in addition to the friend you are testing with. This is very annoying as I believe that I have lagged out of the server but in actuality it’s just the chat bug.

I only started noticing this recently, so I wonder why the chat script was changed, because I don’t notice any changes otherwise.

Thanks for reporting this! Has been happening to me as well for the past 2 days.